NEPTON is an abbreviation for the New English Placement Test Online. This test was designed and developed by Information Technology (IT) Online Test Specialists at the University of Nicosia. It was created in specifically for 2nd language learners to test their Grammar, vocabulary and reading competence.

The NEPTON test is a multiple – choice test that takes round – about 70 minutes to be completed. The test is marked by the computer; meaning that the questions are selected without human intervention by the computer from a range of questions. For this reason, every student’s test may to some extent differ. Furthermore, the test is marked by the program and the correct answers are automatically saved securing the final result. In my opinion, NEPTON is simple enough for everyone to understand because it is an undemanding and a user friendly test without many complications. Furthermore, it is compulsory for all the forthcoming students of the University. The reason of this is because the test will determine the English level of the students; in order, to locate the level they should be placed. NEPTON test is only available at the University of Nicosia and it is specifically only for the University students.

Personally I believe the NEPTON test is very significant and central to the student’s placement. It gives the opportunity to the students to acknowledge their weaknesses and respond to them. NEPTON is a Computer Based exam that chooses all its questions in random; however the most amazing of all, it is the fact that it precisely autocorrects the tests.