LALI 274 CALL Presentations

Monday 4th May 2009:
1. Andreas
2. Vassos
3. Andria
4. Maria
5. Sally
6. Tom

Wednesday 6th May 2009:
7. Beria
8. Georgia
9. Eleni
10. Marios
11. Elena

6. Whole Group course reflection

Presention should include:
Selective examples
Presentation duration: 15 minutes(12 minutes presentation and 3 minutes discussion)

Create another link just after Online Test Review and before Reflective Learning and Evaluation Rubric. Call it Presentation.
In this new webpage, write a paragraph / points (like a Power Point Presentation) about your CALL DPortfolio wiki.
Address the following aspects:
(a) Describe your website and your work
(b) Reflect on what you have learned (knowledge, skills and experiences), in comparison with how you have entered this course.
(c) Highlight good aspects of the course; give suggestions for improvement
(d) Describe your Professional Readiness in TEFL using CALL

Complement your presentation with evidence of the points you make. You can do that by showing while you are presenting evidence / examples from your website (create links to this examples in your Presentation Paragraph). For example, if you want to refer to some activities you have found and reviewed that you want to share with the others, or if you want to evidence the development of your learning by linking your audience to one of your Reflective Learning entries, etc.

Good luck.
I'm really looking forward to your presentations,

Dr Salomi Papadima-Sophocleous