How to embed a video

In order to embed a video into a page:

  1. You hit “Edit This Page” at the particular page in which you want to embed the video.
  2. When the editor bar appears you press the “Embed Widget” button.
  3. In the widget window that will appear you press “video”.
  4. Several categories of videos will appear and you have to choose one. Ex. youtube.
  5. Then you have to press the link that takes you to the youtube website.
  6. At youtube you can search and find a video that interest you. When you find the video you have to press on it in order to open.
  7. When the video opens you have to look at the right of the screen and you will see a field named “embed”. You have to copy what is written at the particular field.
  8. Then you have to go back to the widget window that we have mention in step 3. There in the empty square you have to paste what you had copy from Youtube.
  9. The final step is to press save and that’s it the video will appear to your web page.

Have fun embedding videos to your wikis guys!