NEPTON was designed and developed by Information Technology (IT) Online Test Specialists at the University of Nicosia. It was created in specifically for 2nd language learners to test their Grammar, vocabulary and reading competence. NEPTON is compulsory for all the forthcoming students of the University. The reason of this is because the test will determine the English level of the students in order, to locate the level they should be placed. NEPTON test is only available at the University of Nicosia and it is specifically only for the University students. Furthermore, the NEPTON test is a multiple – choice test that takes round – about 70 minutes to be completed. The test is marked by the computer; meaning that the questions are selected without human intervention by the computer from a range of questions. For this reason, every student’s test may to some extent differ. In comparison to the other tests, NEPTON is simple enough for everyone to understand because it is an undemanding and a user friendly test without many complications.
The TOEFL is similar to the NEPTON in terms that they are both online; however the TOEFL is a test which measures the ability of foreigner speaker to communicate in English in the colleges or universities. Furthermore, unlike NEPTON the TOEFL is the only English- language test which is accepted by more than 6,000 institutions in more than 130 countries. This test should be taken by someone who has the intention to register in an English speaking college or university around the world as it is accepted in almost every university in the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. There are two types of tests: the TOEFL iBT, which is the internet-based test, as well as the TOEFL PBT, the paper-based test. TOEFL is demanding and high – level: The reading part consists of 3-5 passages, each of 700 words length, with 12-14 questions per passage. The listening part consists of 4-6 lectures, each one containing 6 questions as well as of 2-3 conversations, which contain 5 questions each. The speaking consists of 6 tasks including 2 tasks to express your opinion on a familiar topic and 4 tasks based on what is read and heard.
TOEIC is more related to the eskills rather than the other two tools. Both are used for business situations and test English proficiency in the workplace. Furthermore, they are suitable for everyone who would like to test his language abilities and determine the knowledge of the participant. TOEIC is divided into two tests, Listening and Reading test and the Speaking and Writing test. The first one is a traditional pen and paper exam and the second one is an online test. I believe TOEIC and TOEFL are more demanding because it's up to the learners to get across what they know, but also because the questions are open-ended unlike NEPTON and E SKILL.
E SKILL is an English Language Testing for Business and for English Language Proficiency. It is an English language test that is applied to people who want to work in a company or in general in different public or private organizations. The aim of the test is a better communication between people in a working environment. The candidates of the particular test akin to the other tests are assessed in grammar, spelling, comprehension and typing. According to the result of the test, they can be placed to the appropriate working position. This reminds of the NEPTON tool because according to their results the students are placed to the corresponding level; however one has to do with students, whereas the other involves adults in a working place. Furthermore, I would guess that NEPTON and eskill are relatively easy compared to the work demanded by the TOEFL and TOEIC. Moreover, eskill testing can be taken online; and one of its advantages is that it doesn't take a long time to be completed. The test content can vary according to the exact work position that a person applies to. One can even test himself or herself and not only his or her employees. The particular test includes not only English language testing but also critical thoughts and psychological testing. The particular test is very valuable and useful for everybody who wants to get an accurate image of his English language level and his readiness for a work position. Lastly, E SKILL'S aim is a better communication between the employers and employees.